Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Behind the Lotus

It seems so long since I last wrote here and, much has been going on in the background but more on the business front than the blog front! But, here we are and the lotus blossom is in the forefront of my mind. This is in part due to a change of business name and logo and also because of what the Lotus Blossom (or water lily) means to me.

Designing a new logo for the new Anna Enfys (pronounced Envis) was a bit of a challenge. Rainbows were at the forefront initially as Enfys is the Welsh word for Rainbow and rainbows are definitely me! Somehow though, what came through looked rather twee and a bit busy too ~ and so, my techy guy came up with this one ~
which really emcompassed what I do and also how my services have blossomed. I like too, the fact that the lotus has such deep spiritual connections ~ which again is very much me but, the biggest draw is the link between the flower and Ancient Egypt. There is too, one more link, which I will come too in a bit.

Lotus & Water Lilies seem to get quite intertwined ~ the flower that I'm banging on about is the Nymphaea caerulea ~ mind you, they are all beautiful aren't they? My lotus or water lily has rainbow petals because of my rainbow thing, but how cool it would be to breed a rainbow lotus or water lily? Can you imagine? I'd buy one! My lotus shows as having seven petals, but of course true flowers have many more than this. Seven suits my needs down to the ground though and here comes that other link. Angels. Or, Archangels to be precise ~ seven of them! Seven specific Archangels who are a part of my work in both healing and in Angelic Mediumship. So there you have it ~ Rainbows, Healing, Archangels, Spirituality ~ all encompassed in the logo design. 

As for the name? Anna is a derivative of my true forename and the Welsh Enfys is a nod to my spiritual link with Wales itself which holds a huge place in my heart. 

I've digressed a little I think, but I would like to tell you a little bit about Nymphaea caerulea ~ it seems fitting that it be the Egyptian link here as I offer Ancient Egyptian Colour & Gem Healing and feel a connection there too. Go to link for more info https://annaenfyshealing.co.uk/

The blue lotus or waterlily is a symbol of death and of rebirth. The Egyptian blue lotus starts off in the depths of the Nile in the thick black silt (note the colour symbolisim here ~ dark, death, afterlife) and somehow forces its way up through the mud to come into bloom. Seeking the light and the sun ~ and the sun is symbolised here through the vivid yellow centre. Again, this spoke to me of a rebirth for my business, of reaching for light and of the new. 

The god of this flower is thought to be Nefertem ~ linked to beauty, healing and the sun and particularly the sun god Ra ~ who Nefertem gave the flower to, to assist with the aging process! 

Although the flower was used for healing it is known now, that it actually has narcotic effects ~ the Ancient Egyptians I feel sure were aware of this as many images show the water lily being used socially ~ the recreational drug of its day it would seem. Picture the scene here ~ You're at a party and you're given a glass of wine to which you add a flower or petals ~ whoa! some cocktail. Images of those bygone days also show the ladies wearing a blossom on their headdress or holding such. 

For healing though, and according to An Ancient Egyptian Herbal (a copy can be found on Amazon) it was used to treat constipation as an enema, for liver dis-ease, in poultices and as an anti-pyretic. 

I mentioned death and the afterlife earlier and the blue lily was also used at funerals, as it symbolises rebirth after death. The soul passed therefore, would blossom back into life, just as the flower does from the silt of the Nile.

Of course, the lotus or waterlily is not just associated with the Ancient Egyptians ~ it feature in Buddhism and in Hinduism and some of the Goddesses are depicted holding or sit on such. e.g. Quan Yin and Lakshmi.

No happy coincidence I feel, rather that all is linked, all is connected as we all are! All is energy, all is colour, all is one. Namaste.        

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

The Summer Giant

“Hello Possums” and here is the birth flower for August

Gladioli. Tall giants of the summer border. Love them or hate them? They do of course, bring thoughts of Dame Edna Everage to mind (hence the “hello possums” at the start). Whether that is good or bad I will leave to your personal thoughts.
Like them or not, they can be a beautiful sight, in so many bright and glowing colours. A bit of an eye-catcher at the back of the summer border. They are considered to be symbols of strength, integrity and faithfulness, and I like this one, of never giving up, of being indomitable! Couldn’t we all use ‘indomitable’ at times?

Which colour do you favour? The choice you make or, the colour you receive if you get given a bunch as a gift, can speak volumes. Not only does the bloom have it’s message, but the colour does too.

Red for love and passion.
Happiness, joy, love and friendship may be the message of a yellow bloom.
White for innocence, purity and spirituality too. Beautiful in a display for a wedding.
Motherly love or unconditional love, compassion, gentleness and feminine energy comes from the pink hues.
One of my personal favourites is the deep and intense purple you can get in this flower. Grace, mystery, royalty are all associated with the purple. A stand out colour if you need one!

The name gladiolus comes from the shape of it’s leaves. Very lance or sword-like. Long, strong and quite sharp to the edge, so a very apt name indeed.

There is a school of thought that the Gladiolus is the lily of the fields mentioned within the Bible. These flowers grew wild in the region. Tough blooms for tough places.

Spiritually the Gladiolus is referred to as a ladder to Heaven ~ likely due to it’s manner of growth, from the bottom upwards, in it’s tall and lofty way. The China it’s believed that it can help a loved one who has passed to find their way to the heavens.

This bold, and considered to be old-fashioned flower, is also useful on the healing front too. This bit particularly is of interest to me. Don’t you just learn something new everyday? We all know or have heard of the healing of herbs and that some flowers are edible but they can heal too, and not just by us using them visually.

It can apparently be used to treat cold and bowel problems such a diarrhoea and constipation (yuk) and bring about regularity in that particular department. Powdered roots of the English and European Gladiolus have been powdered in the past and used to make poultices for wounds and it’s said it will also draw out those tricky thorns and splinters you can get when out gardening your patch. Be warned though, the roots can be poisonous. Probably not advisable to do this unless you have good knowledge and understanding. Interesting though! I’d rather be able to use all these natural goodies than some of the stuff churned out by pharmaceutical companies and doctors surgeries! I bet I’m not alone in that. I do wonder how many ‘accidents’ occurred in times gone by through the testing and using of our garden plants. There must have been quite a degree in trial and error!

So, if your birthday is this month, this is your flower. I hope you therefore are one who loves the Gladioli, but if not, perhaps finding out more about it will help that to shift a bit. It’s time this month now to raise aloft your bunch of “gladdies” as Dame Edna says, or at least to think about planting some next year. You know, they may be considered old-fashioned but I think dear Dame Edna does much good for the humble Gladiolus. Plant some, treat yourself to a bunch in your favourite colour. August is the month to do so. Enjoy xx

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Holly in July?

This might seem like a strange thing to speak of in July as for many of us holly is associated with Christmas, or a least the winter season. Of course holly is around all year round but really impacts most when it's sporting it bright red berries.

So, why holly in July. Well, holly is a plant of healing and also it relates to those born between 8th July and 4th August and what is know as the 8th lunar month. So, if your birth dates falls between these dates ~ this is your tree!It is also one of the trees or plants that form part of the tree Ogham but, I'll write about Ogham seperately. This is something I'm learning more of as I tap into a druidic past life. Much more to learn and so I will fill you in at a later date.

The holly is believed to be protective, a bringer of luck and may be used to bring about psychic enhancement through dreams.

Now, I did mention that is is a healing plant but beware that it can be poisonous! It's known to be used to alleviates urinary tract infections, fevers, coughs and colds and is also diuretic (ok if you don't mind a few extra trips to the bathroom). It may also benefit those suffering from gout, arthritis and rheutism. The leaves can be used to make tea ~ the berries are poisonous. I won't give any recipe for this tea as I'm not as yet, qualified to do so.

The holly too, is also a spiritual tree and classed a noble tree of the woods. It has many connecions and stories attached to it, linked with various gods. Most of us know it of course as the one we take into the house at Christmas as decoration. I wonder though? Do you take it down before 12th night? I know I do. Holly is also associated with Lammas or Lughnasad which is a festival celebrated by some between 1st to the 15th August, or, when the first grain ripens.

If you are growing your own fruit and vegetables or are involved in any creative project then use the green summer berries of the holly at Lammas for protection.

So, holly is a prickly one yes, but also very useful and I think very beautiful. Whether it is dark green glossy leaves or the variegated types they're all lovely. Writing this reminds me to see if there are yet any berries on the holly in my own garden.....I have lots of creative projects on the go and Lammas is just around the corner!! I must make haste... Until next time.....  Here's one of my little doodles 🌲

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Lady-like Larkspur

Courtesy of Pixabay.com

Wow, that pop of blue! So cool, so elegant is this flower and the flower is for those with a birthday in this month of July. I call Larkspur lady-like becuse of it's tall elegance and also because it hold feminine energy and also resonates with Venus and the element of Water ~ Perfect! For Cancer is a water birth sign.

The flower has various names such as knight's spur or lark's toe to name a couple and it also gets called Delphinium, although the flower is different.

I mention the blue in the photo but, Larkspur also comes in shades of pink, white and purple too and it is a bit of a showstopper when planted towards the back of a traditional cottage garden border. The meaning attached to Larkspur is that of purity of heart, gaiety and levity. When the flower is pink it relates to fickleness, in white, joyful and happy-go-lucky and in purple it speaks of a sweet disposition. If you're reading this and your birthday is this month, just have a think! Which colour is it that sings out to you? What message does Larkspur have for you at this time?  

I said about planting in a cottage garden border but of course you can plant it wherever you choose (so long as the plant likes it, and, it is easy to grow) and it is a lovely one for attracting the butterflies and bees, so what better excuse do you need? Particularly at the present time when these beautiful beings of nature need our help.

On a different level, that of healing, the Larkspur can be used to treat wounds, haemorrhoids and colic, although a note of caution here ~ it should not be used internally due to it's toxicity level and, it can give those with a sensitive skin a dermatitis type rash! The flower has also been used in the treatment of scorpion stings. The tale goes that if Larkspur is placed in the path of a scorpion, that it will freeze on the spot until the blooms are moved!!

Larkspur is a flower of protection, either worn, planted or placed in the home or by hanging in bunches (dried or fresh).

There are too, biblical references to the flowers ~

"Flowers of the field." ~ Isaiah 40:6

"The voice of one saying, Cry. And one said, what shall I cry? All flesh is grass, and all the goodliness thereof is as the flower of the field." ~ James 1:9-10

In writing this particular series it reminds me of how special the world of plants is and how connected we are to them. Plants are not only healing, they also contain messages of guidance. You may find yourself drawn to particular flowers at a given time, and this is no coincidence. Stop awhile today, look at and smell the flowers and allow yourself to feel their energy and if you're gifted, you may even see their energy.

Flower readings are a lovely way to receive insights and guidance and I love to do flower readings, be it actual flowers or through pictures of them. Have I piqued your interest? If you'd like a flower reading ~ let me know. There isn't currently a tab on the website for these readings as shortly there will be refresh as much has evolved over recent months. Message me if you'd like more details at ~


Next up is August and Gladioli. Watch this space.... Until then, enjoy the blooms of summer 💖🎕🥀

Monday, 4 June 2018

Sweet Rose of June


Sweet rose of June so gentle and sweet,
Look into it's heart, tap into your senses, what will you meet?
A sweet perfume, a message maybe?
Go ahead, look, what do you feel, what do you see?

Let the scent of the rose surround you now,
Let it guide you, let it show you how
To connect with the purest of unconditional love.
That love also connected with Heaven above.

For Mother Mary, the Lady of the Rose
Into this flower her love flows.
Allow yourself this time to receive and to just be
In her presence, and you may see

Hear or feel her gentle embrace, her love so deep
Which will fill you with happiness and it may make you weep
As she heals you, tends you and fills you with love and peace
So beautiful your connection, you'll not want it to cease

But, know that you may call upon her at any time, night or day,
Call and she will be on her way
To comfort, to hold you in her arms of love.
Connect with the rose or, call out to Heaven above.  

Copyright ©Elaine Jeyes 2018

 The beautiful rose iis of course, the birth flower for June and who could not love a rose?

As you've likely gathered from the poem, the rose is a sacred flower. One could argue that they all are of course and I'd definitely subscribe to that train of thought.

Growing roses dates back for thousands of years. There are even paintings in some of the tombs from Ancient Egyptian times dating back to 14c B.C. How amazing is that! They were used too, as an offering to the Goddess Isis.

There are absolutely loads of stories, myths and legends connected with the rose and one that really tickled me was this....
Poor Cupid was stung by a bee and in his shock he accidently shot one of his arrows into a rose garden and that is why the rose has thorns!

The rose also is a symbol or sign of God's work, as the rose shows he is always actively present in creation. The rose reveals so many layers as it goes from bud to full bloom, just as layers of spirituality and wisdom may unfold into your life, if you let it.

Often people not the sweet scent of the rose when connecting with the angelic realm, which really is not so unusual or strange given that the rose vibrates at a high, powerful energetic frequency, just as the angels do!

Again, as you may gather from the poem, the rose is connect with Mother Mary. Indeed many imagges depict her with a pink rose on each of her feet. Roses have shown up in visions and miracles attributed to Mother Mary. I like to think the pink roses relate to unconditional love, of which Mother Mary surrounds us with. Roses are perfect beauty, unsullied and it is said were created for the Garden of Eden. There is too, of course, the prayer of the Rosary linked with Catholicism and there are similarities in other religions too, such as Christian Orthodox where ropes are knotted at the end of each prayer and also in Hinduism, where monks use stringed beads in order to keep track of prayer.

There are so many visions and miracles and also symbolism attributed to this flower. How much is truth? How much is hearsay? What do you think?

I now put on my colour therapy hat for don't roses just about come in every colour you can think of so here is a little colour symbolism (and this is how I got into colour therapy) for you.

The white rose ~ pure and holy.
Red Roses for love, passion and sacrifice.
The yellow rose for wisdom and joy and of course,
The pink rose for peace, gratitude and unconditional love.
The Victorians of course, really tapped into the hidden meaning of flowers and it seems, it has stood the test of time.

For now, I leave you with the symbols of the red and pink roses ~ sending energetic waves of of peace, love and gratitude for you who take time to read this blog ~ I thank you. 💕


Wednesday, 16 May 2018

An Interview With Me

I get asked many questions about what I do and, of how things work and so, here is an interview with me 📣. Bare bones and nothing missed out. It's been a long path of studying, re-learning and of tapping into the knowledge that we all have inside of us ~ if we choose to, if we dare....

I have many hats 🎩👒🤠, or perhaps it's a big umbrella ☂, that encompasses what I do, but, it rather fits nicely as an image of a tree, which I rather like.

As you can see, there are quite a few branches. Where did it all start? Read on to find out....

Interviewer: How did this tree take root, what started it?

Me: That seems to be such a long time a go, but then I guess, it has been a number of years now, and I'm not getting any younger *sighs*. Basically, just like a real tree, a seed was sown! I was working at my small handcrafted gifts business and kept getting the idea to look at colour symbology. At the time, I was looking for inspiration, something to give me the edge! I followed a persistently strong nudge and in gave in and looked up the meanings attached to colours, I stumbled upon Colour Therapy. Colour Therapy was my seed 🌈. Little did I know how big it would grow! Before I knew it, I'd enrolled on a course and followed on with Crystal Therapy 🔮 as that piqued my interest too. Then the tree grew, and grew, and grew.... It's still growing!!

Interviewer: So why may I ask have you studied so many different things?

Me: Maybe I'm just plain addicted to courses!! 📚📚 Well obviously, I do like keep myself busy and I do love learning new things but you know, I was guided and much of what I've studied has been more like re-learning. I've been amazed at times at how much I 'knew' already, without knowing how! I have to say that although all the branches have different names, they all work together, magically and quite beautifully. So much so, that clients will often receive a variety of treatments when they come and see me! Working several things at one time is very synergistic and make for powerful healing. So, in true answer to the question. I was guided. I continue to be guided, whether people believe in such things or not. 👼👼👼👼👼👼👼

Interviewer: Can I ask, what is the link between all these things?

Me: Honestly? Energy and colour. Energy is colour. Colour is energy. Everything is energy and all colours are held there. Each modality has its links to energy and colour but also, and very importantly, to me at least is also the links to the Angelic Realm. The Archangels too, are energy and resonate with particular colour or colours. My work is very much, colour, energy and angels. I confess to being totally addicted to colours and if something holds all the colours of the rainbow, I'm interested. Anything colour. Anything rainbow. Rainbows R Me. 🌈🌈

Interviewer: Can anyone do this work?

Me: I believe so, yes. I believe that we are all born with particular gifts, some may be stronger than others, but nonetheless, we have them. These of course are known as psychic gifts, which instantly makes some think it's all mumbo jumbo, but you've met me, you know I'm down to earth and definitely not mumbo jumbo. I'm sometimes labelled as wacky, but that's ok with me  🤣🤣. I believe too, that humankind has been conditioned to close out these gifts, but if you look around you'll see, that many are now opening to them. So, yes, all are capable and it is in part why I was guided to write the e-learning courses on energy healing and mediumship. 🎓🎓🎓

Interviewer: I see that you also offer Spiritual Life Coaching? How does that work and how does that fit in with all the other services you offer?

Me: Our experiences in life affect us on all levels ~ mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Physical problems may manifest due to imbalances in the other areas.

Many are seeking to reconnect with their spiritual selves, to develop their own 'gifts' at this time and many are just plain realising how much we've disconnected with our true connection with God/Source/Creator or whatever other title you may choose to use.

Spiritual Life Coaching is to assist another in their search to know their truest self, and to discover the true nature of consciousness, the meaning of life and to achieve a state of peace within. Coaching can assist others in reachig their full potential.

Coaching is empowering another, supporting, encouraging a person to explore, learn and heal. It's never about taking control or making someone do someone they do not wish to. Someone may decide to come for coaching in order to heal, be it past lives, poor relationships or to achieve a particular goal, to gain confidence, to shift a negative mindset. Coaching can empower and free a person from their own self-limitation and patterns of behaviour.

Sorry, I am being wordy here, and I guess it's my passion for the subject that makes me so.

The other services I offer fit in easily, seamlessly, for the energy of those modalities can assist the client in reaching inwards, of releasing, of healing, of realisations. For instance a card reading may bring through aspects of what is affecting the client. Crystals may be used to heighten self-awareness, of a deeper connection with self.

Energy healing may come in too, and this is a lovely way to end a session. The work a client has to do isn't always easy for them and sometimes it is just simply nice to offer them something that will help further and that is really enjoyable. I believe that the modalities help with the coaching aspect but also on the spiritual, mental, emotional and yes, perhaps physical levels and just as importantly, reinforces the feeling for the client, that they are truly supported on this particular leg of their path.

If you look at the picture below, it will show a few reasons why someone may come for coaching and of how I can help.

 Interviewer: So, what's next? Any more studies? What are the next moves for you?

Me: As far as I'm aware (and I'm sure my Guides will correct me, *laughs*) there will be no more studying for now. For now, it is on with building on what I have, of strengthening my business, my work and forging ahead with the final writings and editings for my first book of poetry ~ and of course, to carry on blogging. That sounds like a corny film 'Carry On Blogging'.   📽🎞  Perhaps that should be Keep Calm and Carry on Blogging. I'll be as busy as ever I do know that. My work though is a labour of love and I love every minute! It beats a 9 - 5. I am blessed.

Interviewer: Thank you for answering my questions and I hope to speak with you again soon.

Me: Thank you 💗

I hope you understand now a little bit more about me and what I do. Is there something you'd like to know more about? Any questions? Just ask! Until next time.....💗💗💗

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Sweet Lily of May

For those of you reading this with a birthday this month, you may already know what your birth flower is. If not, then I am happy to tell you that it is the beautiful Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis).

For some reason I'd always thought, or had been told, that this month's birth flower was the celandine and I've questioned this when that particular flower starts to bloom much earlier. My higher self must have known 🙂

Writing about daisies for April has started a thing for birth flowers and also germinated the start of another book. Anyway, back to the Lily of the Valley. I made the May link because I decided to check as my better half has his birthday in this month. I had to smile too at the realisation that Lily of the Valley would've been my beloved Nan's birth flower too, and, better still, her name was Lily.

I have written a small poem but it was for my man so it won't be shared although one shall be penned in time. Instead, I share a small painting with you.

I feel that this flower is one that you either love or hate (if that's not too strong a word). It is without doubt fragrantly sweet and has been used in religious ceremonies, perfumes and is a popular garden plant. It is also mentioned in the Bible.

It can be know as the May Lily too and it's meaning it 'return to happiness' and as I read that a realisation struck me and here is why! Many years ago now, I was working as a then known, nursing auxiliary in a geriatric hospital. It happened that on a particular ward I would smell Lily of the Valley very strongly whenever somebody was about to pass. Nothing odd in that you may think. Elderly folk die all the time. Strange then that it happened more often when no imminent deaths were expected. The Ward Sister asked me one day why I was sniffing the air and I explained to her. My tale bore out, she never made comment. Likely she thought me a little odd. So what I hear you ask. The meaning 'return to happiness' ~ that is what passing is ~ returning home, back to where we came from. Back to happiness.

Lily of the Valley also symbolises chastity, humility and purity ~ this I associate (with my colour therapist hat on) with the colour white.

So, love it or hate it ~ there is much about this humble little flower. I have changed my mind about it! Will you?

Next up is June, but before that particular blog I now have news to share with you.
Whilst happily tapping away at my book and blogs I've been working to attain a diploma in Spiritual Life Coaching. This is something I felt guided to and really this came through when doing Angel card readings for people, for I often get asked for advice and help on a spiritual level, so it kind of made sense. Anyway ~  ta da... I did it!!

So work is in hand to put together some packages and taster sessions and I'll be posting more about Coaching in due course. Much of what I already offer will be incorporated into coaching sessions as each works together perfectly!

I'm happy to announce to that I am opening a UK based online store with NuMonday and I will share that once it is up and running. In the meantime I remain with Etsy and of course my own website where PayPal payments are now fully available alongside phone payments that are processed by Square.

Enough now of all things material. Off into the garden to find a space for some Lily of the Valley!!