Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Poem of Inspiration

In this first blog is an introduction to what will be a series of inspirational and thought provoking writing, and also images, much of which will come through the Archangels of the Rainbow. For today, there is a poem 'given' to me to share with you, and, that I hope will one day be part of a book of inspirational poetry.

The poem you're about to read came through from the Archangel Michael who is the Archangel of the Blue Ray and best known for his role as a protector.

You are one of a kind and a child of God,
You are not different, you are not odd!
You each have a Gift and a job to do,
And I'll help you with it all, if you ask me to.

I know your path, I know your Soul's aim,
For, to this you agreed, before you came
Into being, into life on the Earth, this home.
I could write it all in a book, a big, heavy tome. 

But take it from me, the guidance I say,
Call me in to help you through each day.
You are surrounded by Angels, surrounded by Love,
And many other beings of the Light, sent from Heaven above.

Believe it or not, for that is your free will,
The time will come though, still.
When you wake up, realise and see the true Light,
And stop living each day as if it were a fight!

Make your life easy, walk with the Lord.
It is time now, time you can afford,
To set aside time during each day,
To just take a minute, to talk, to pray,

For assistance, guidance, whatever you need,
God will tend your spiritual garden and sow the seed.
The seed of enlightenment, of truth and of love,
And shower refreshment like the rain, as gentle as the dove.

Walk with the Angels, Jesus, and know that God above
Sent us to be with you, to show you love.
We can help, we can guide, ask and just see,
How much lighter and brighter your life can be.

Michael is my name, a warrior true,
And I'm here to give you strength and courage in all that you do.
Call me, speak with me, I am here.
When I'm by your side there is nothing to fear.

Time now to rise, walk into the Light
And become at one with All That Is, and shine bright.
It is your birth right and you should do
Whatever you choose, that much is true,

But make life easier, help it to flow.
Help set aside fears and blocks and allow yourself to grow,
To fulfil your Soul's agreement, your Soul's wish to be
At one with All That Is, and that includes me.

I leave you now with so much love and you'll see,
If you take up the call, how wonderful life can be.
Call me, call any, call out and pray,
And know that you're walked with each day, all the way.

I bid you farewell, adios, adieu.
With a Blessing of Love, just for you. 

Archangel Michael

People see Angels in different way. Some may perceive, colours, sparkles, human-like images. Some may smell or hear them, or, just know. The following image is how I perceived Archangel Michael a few days ago. Generally, I hear and see blue sparkles but this time was different....

If you've had any Angelic experiences and would like to share them, then let me know. The subject of Angels is endlessly fascinating, so do share. 

I hope you enjoyed the poem as much as I enjoyed taking it down. Until next time ~ Anna xx

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