Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Make the Change ~ A Plea Through A Poem

Hello all,
Here I am again to share a few thoughts and words which I hope will provoke you ~ in the best possible way! Last week I did something that has been on my mind for some time. Out on my daily walks with my four-pawed friend in the countryside, I come across all sorts of debris and litter, left by people for others to pick up. Yes, you guessed it. I went out armed with gloves and a bag and went litter picking as I walked (and I am continuing to do so).
So far. I've picked up numerous cans, bottles, balloons, tea light casings, a old dog blanket, a t-shirt, plastic bags, doggy doo bags to name some! Why can someone be bothered to carry cans of beer to a remote place, sit and drink it but can't be asked to take their litter home! How many, I wonder, complain about the state of the streets? 
Spare a thought for all the little creatures that fall prey to our mindlessness, our untidy habits. That reminds me, I also fished out a bird from the canal that had been shot. I've pulled out animals on many occasions I have to say. What have you seen just left behind, or a random act that disgusts you? Don't you wonder why? Should you do something about it?
I have to say, I've felt guided to do something to help, so the litter picking has commenced but also I'm guided to highlight this to others. Our litter is the (rubbish) tip of the iceberg when it comes to life on this planet |I know, but if we all do a little bit of something it still has a rippling affect. Every little helps as Tesco says.
Here is what I picked up first time round....

This was all picked on the first trip out. I've looked into litter picking groups and the like and there is support out there. So, if you don't fancy going it alone, here's where to go to, or you can register as an individual picker. 
So, what has this got to do with Anna and the Angels of the Rainbow, I hear you ask. As I said earlier, I felt guided to do my bit, but later on in the day that I started the litter picking, I connected with two Archangels, one of whom, gave me the following poem or perhaps that should be a plea. Please read, and think about how it makes you feel. 
"There is a place, a place called Earth,
Where it is time to rid it of its dearth,
Of debris, litter, negativity and mess.
Time for Humankind to stop caring less.

The Earth it is dying, if you carry on this way,
Is that what you want, for Earth to have had its day?
Time now to act, time now to do.
Do what you say? And Who?

You. You can change the way of life,
Stop putting the planet through this strife.
Pick up your litter, be kind to the land,
And know you’ll have God’s helping hand.

It need not be too late to turn things around.
New ways of doing things can be found.
Seek. Change. Use your free will for good,
And prevent the Earth from shedding more of her blood.

Stop now and think of your future kin.
Now do you want to spread natural resources so thin?
I think not, what do you say?
I will, I can, I am changing it all.      Today!! 

Channelled with Archangel Metatron

The other Archangel that came through that day, was Archangel Muriel, and it is one of her responsibilities to tend to the plants and animals of this planet. Mother Earth needs our help, even if we only take tiny steps. What will your steps be? How will you help? 
Please share your thoughts and experiences, do. 

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