Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Belief, that's a tricky one. Don't we all believe in something? This is particularly so when the chips are down for whatever reason. So, belief. Does one or not?

Jesus ❤ for instance. Some believe, some don't. How open is your mind? How open is your heart? Do you believe that all things are possible, I wonder?

This is not to judge anyone but rather, to set you thinking. Thinking about religion, faith, beliefs and all things in-between! Don't you just love a busy mind?

As a child, I went to church on Sundays and then to Sunday school afterwards, as did many a child back in the 60's (there, I gave away my age). I confess to not being so keen on the church bit, except at Christmas, Harvest, and Easter. I guess, the bits with the material stuff attached, like present, food, and Easter eggs! Who remembers being given a palm leaf cross on Palm Sunday? Can't help wondering if that is still done, for I confess, I do not go to church and for many years I believed or kidded myself, that I was a non-believer. And yet......

I always felt there must be more ~ that one doesn't just live and learn so much only to die. End of. I also did not believe that anyone needed to go to church to pray to God, for isn't God omnipresent? There see, I was contradicting myself even then 😉

Change, or shall I say, evolvement and eye-opening came to me in some ways gradually and, in some ways very profoundly. What was the trigger?

For those who don't know me, I am an holistic therapist, angelic medium and angel card reader amongst a few other things, and so, my evolvement or 'awakening' started through working with the angel oracle and angel tarot cards.

By the time I started reading the cards my gifts of hearing, feeling and knowing were pretty strong and I was guided to use the cards as a part of my work. For those that know card decks and, those that don't, some card decks has Jesus amongst them. Jesus of course, is also known as the Ascended Master Jesus ( usually by those marked as New Agers).

My own journey with Jesus started when I obtained a particular deck of cards. Some of you may know them for they are the most beautifully illustrated card. They aren't oracle cards per se but if one draws intuitively, the card will bring a message through. There is no accompanying guide, only a short snippet from the Bible. I'll show you what I mean.

The deck is called Loving Words from Jesus and is by Doreen Virtue and the illustrations were done by Greg Olsen, a very talented artist.

As I would pull these cards I would 'hear' the words, the meaning, or the message attached to the cards, be it for me or for someone else. Conversations were part of my journey, which of course, is ongoing.

I've learnt so much, and my understanding has grown. I am most definitely a believer (there, I said it) and no longer on the fence.

I do believe that if anyone steps back from the buzz of every life and truly becomes quiet, inside and out and call the name of Jesus, then you can feel his presence. You may sense it in many ways ~ how you sense is quite an individual thing.

I put you to the challenge. Just for a few minutes, put any doubts aside. Open your heart and your mind. Call out. Try it. See what comes. Don't discount anything. Allow yourself to trust what you sense.

I regularly pull the Jesus cards and post to social media and the response is awesome and heart-warming. I sometimes pull individual cards for people who feel in need and the message always hits home, bring much comfort.  I do feel that more people are open to Jesus and I say Jesus, not religion. As more and more people open up to Jesus, I ask myself, is it leading to fuller churches and temples? Religion can be can be a good thing but isn't always used for the highest good of all. Perhaps others, like me, also realise that one doesn't have to belong to a particular church or religion in order to commune with God, Jesus and the Angels. They are quite simply, there, for each and everyone of us.

Yes, the Bible and other religious texts can be a good guide to leading a good life, but are not meant to be controlling or why else were we given free will? Think back now to the Pharisees and how they treated Jesus. They acted as they did for they did not wish to lose control over the people. Free will allows us to make choices, have opinions. Our choices are a part of our individual path and, if those choices are made with an open and loving heart, that is surely the most important.

For some, churches, temples and their associated religions are just right but know that Jesus is here for each and everyone, regardless of creed, colour, religion or whether you follow any particular religion or whether or not you go to church.

Interestingly, if you take time to look, there are similarities between religions. The reason why? I feel it's because there is only one God. All religions lead to one God, albeit by other names.

Before I go, I'll share some of the more profound moments I've had of late and, also a photograph and picture.

A couple of months ago now, (22/11/17 to be precise) I was meditating and the face of Jesus appeared in front of mine, but not the usual image you see in paintings. For I saw, or was shown, the pain and his face covered in blood. I share a drawing of this, which I channelled later that day. His face was so close to mine and it seemed our foreheads were touching and I was looking straight into his eyes and yet seeing the blood on his face. It wasn't horrible and I didn't feel shocked. The feeling I had and, still do, was of love but it did make me cry.

A couple of days later, I was standing at the kitchen sink, as you do, and my eyes were drawn to the sky and the photo shows you what I saw. I've had quite a few 'cloud' experiences over the past few years and this one made me rub my eyes, just to check I wasn't imagining things! If at first you don't see, just soften your gaze and the image will become clearer.

Just last night (11/11/2018), I was half asleep and had the sudden image of four crystals initially, set within a pure white heart. The heart began to glow and radiate golden white light. Very beautiful and comforting. The image wasn't there for long, but long enough to take in details. Initially I wasn't entirely sure of the crystals but the meaning is now know ~ the blue ~ Sapphire denotes the truth and the Word. The red ~ Ruby symbolises life blood. The pink Rose Quartz is unconditional love and the green Emerald is for healing.

Over to you now. Share your thoughts, and, your experiences. More people seem to be having them. Are we becoming more open? What do you think? Much is written about awakening and involvement. What are your thoughts?!

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