Monday, 30 April 2018

The Darling Daisy of April

I must be going through a 'flower' phase. I always love flowers of course, but at present they provide much inspiration as well as much joy. It was as I was walking in the teeming rain earlier in the week, under leaden skies that the daisies called out to me and made me smile. Such cheery little yellow faces and a ray of sunshine on a not so clement day. I was nudged to remember that the daisy is my birth flower! Do you know what your birth flower is I wonder? Is it one of those old-fashioned things that nobody bothers with anyone. Rather sad if that is the case. So then, a little bit about the cheery daisy. 🎕

Did you know?? There was so much I had no idea about. I've had quite a journey researching this little flower that so captivated me. Hasn't it captivated you though? When you were little, I'm sure you spend hours, just as I did, making little daisy chains to wear as a necklace or a little crown?

The daisy symbolises innocence, loyalty, purity and cheerfulness but you'll read further on that there is more.....

So much lore and so many tales and here are just a few.

The daisy can be exchanged between friends when they have a secret to be kept for the daisy says 'I won't tell'.

Queen Victoria's favourite flower was apparently the daisy. What's your favourite? Something simple or one of the more exotic blooms?

The daisy was discovered in South Africa but ~ and this next bit blew my mind a bit. Stones which had been carved with daisies have been found that date back to 3000 B.C. but that contradicts another little snippet of information as you will see.

Although the daisy has no biblical reference, in Christianity, the daisy has at times be linked to Mother Mary, who it is said, gave the flower life with her tears. I love that one. Conjures up a beautiful picture in my head. 

In Norse mythology our humble little daisy is linked to Freya, the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Fertility. The daisy is her sacred flower.

Daisy can also represent childbirth, motherhood and new beginnings ~ I'm all for a new beginning! I wonder if anyone has presented the Duchess of Cambridge with a bunch of daisies after the birth of Prince Louis Arthur Charles? A touching gesture that would be. 👶

If one breaks the syllables into two words it becomes days eye and how apt that is when the daisy unfurls it pretty petals as the sun rises but come sundown, those little petals wrap around her face as she gently goes to sleep. 🌞☾

Thunder flower! I'd never heard of this one. It blooms well in storms and doesn't appear to be damaged by such and so represents protection from lightening. A vase of daisies in the house may be just the thing then, when storms are imminent! ⛈

On a romantic note and, I think this is one of my favourites ~ Dreaming of daisies denotes a relationship, often a new one and if you dare, if you put the daisy petals under your pillow at night they will bring through dreams of love and romance 💘  

Lastly, numerology, another subject that totally fascinates me. The daisy holds the vibration of the number 22. Twenty two is a master number (as well as 11 and 33). So, the simple daisy represents or characterises our Divine nature, Earth and also the Universe and all it's infinite possibilities! The petals of the daisy flower spiral out, as does it's energy. The vibration of the number 22 spirals out from each and every petal!! How powerful is the daisies energy?!

Last but not least, I could not leave out Angel numbers when the Angels feature in each and every day for me. The Angels love to give us messages through numbers and so, if you see repetitions of particular numbers or number sequences, take note and find out what the message is. Uncannily accurate! Give it a try. Twenty two then as an Angel number means ~ the results of your Prayers are positive. You've been heard and your prayers will be answered. Just remain positive and have faith that it is so. Step back and let all the details be worked out by God and the Angels. They are at work 'behind the scenes'. Keep the faith!

I hope you enjoyed the various little snippets about the daisy but what the Daisy says to me is ~

There may be many facets (petals) to life but like the daisy, take each day as it comes. Rise with the sun, turn your face to Heaven as the daisy does. Bask in the energy of All That Is and know that all will be well. Remain centred. Take one step at a time. Simplify your life and don't over-complicate things and step in your own way. Wake up ~ take each moment as it comes, enjoy each  moment and see the sun in all, for it is there. When the day is done, allow the night time to enfold around you (like the petals of the daisy) as you rest, to be ready for a new day. 💖

The following is a recording of a poem © I wrote after the walk where the daisies called out to me. The poem is the start to another book. Watch this space on that one.... Until next time ~ connect with the flowers and see what they have to say to you! Just follow the link to Vimeo 💗


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