Monday, 23 April 2018

The Healing of the Yellow Lily

One deck of cards I have relates the Yellow Lily to financial healing, but I sense not so much a healing of finances but a healing of self. The lily is a symbol of Happiness and of course, yellow is the colour of Joy. Money doesn't always bring happiness though, does it?


The Yellow Lily is actually a symbol of Untruth or Falseness. There is a tale that lilies were yellow until Mother Mary stopped to pick a bloom, and at her touch it turn white (white symbolises purity). Is it not then saying that the Yellow Lily isn't showing it's true colour?!

Therefore, are you preventing or holding back on financial healing or healing yourself with your current feelings and views towards money and finances? Perhaps it is time to step back and see your own true colours. Peel back your layers to reveal the truth and reveal the way to healing.

Here is a short poem about the Yellow Lily.  

THE YELLOW LILY   © Elaine Jeyes 2018

The Yellow Lily so bright and fair,
Holds much wisdom, but do you dare
To stop, look and listen to the guidance held within?
To hear the message, to find out where to begin

To heal yourself, be honest and true,
To peel back the layers to see that which is truly you?
Do not be afraid, it's best to be done.
For with the healing, Blessings will come.

Healings, Blessings and so much more.
Turn your Yellow Lily to white, that colour so pure.
Gaze upon the Lily now, hear its message to you.
Listen, look, feel and know that which is the truth, of you.


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