Wednesday, 16 May 2018

An Interview With Me

I get asked many questions about what I do and, of how things work and so, here is an interview with me 📣. Bare bones and nothing missed out. It's been a long path of studying, re-learning and of tapping into the knowledge that we all have inside of us ~ if we choose to, if we dare....

I have many hats 🎩👒🤠, or perhaps it's a big umbrella ☂, that encompasses what I do, but, it rather fits nicely as an image of a tree, which I rather like.

As you can see, there are quite a few branches. Where did it all start? Read on to find out....

Interviewer: How did this tree take root, what started it?

Me: That seems to be such a long time a go, but then I guess, it has been a number of years now, and I'm not getting any younger *sighs*. Basically, just like a real tree, a seed was sown! I was working at my small handcrafted gifts business and kept getting the idea to look at colour symbology. At the time, I was looking for inspiration, something to give me the edge! I followed a persistently strong nudge and in gave in and looked up the meanings attached to colours, I stumbled upon Colour Therapy. Colour Therapy was my seed 🌈. Little did I know how big it would grow! Before I knew it, I'd enrolled on a course and followed on with Crystal Therapy 🔮 as that piqued my interest too. Then the tree grew, and grew, and grew.... It's still growing!!

Interviewer: So why may I ask have you studied so many different things?

Me: Maybe I'm just plain addicted to courses!! 📚📚 Well obviously, I do like keep myself busy and I do love learning new things but you know, I was guided and much of what I've studied has been more like re-learning. I've been amazed at times at how much I 'knew' already, without knowing how! I have to say that although all the branches have different names, they all work together, magically and quite beautifully. So much so, that clients will often receive a variety of treatments when they come and see me! Working several things at one time is very synergistic and make for powerful healing. So, in true answer to the question. I was guided. I continue to be guided, whether people believe in such things or not. 👼👼👼👼👼👼👼

Interviewer: Can I ask, what is the link between all these things?

Me: Honestly? Energy and colour. Energy is colour. Colour is energy. Everything is energy and all colours are held there. Each modality has its links to energy and colour but also, and very importantly, to me at least is also the links to the Angelic Realm. The Archangels too, are energy and resonate with particular colour or colours. My work is very much, colour, energy and angels. I confess to being totally addicted to colours and if something holds all the colours of the rainbow, I'm interested. Anything colour. Anything rainbow. Rainbows R Me. 🌈🌈

Interviewer: Can anyone do this work?

Me: I believe so, yes. I believe that we are all born with particular gifts, some may be stronger than others, but nonetheless, we have them. These of course are known as psychic gifts, which instantly makes some think it's all mumbo jumbo, but you've met me, you know I'm down to earth and definitely not mumbo jumbo. I'm sometimes labelled as wacky, but that's ok with me  🤣🤣. I believe too, that humankind has been conditioned to close out these gifts, but if you look around you'll see, that many are now opening to them. So, yes, all are capable and it is in part why I was guided to write the e-learning courses on energy healing and mediumship. 🎓🎓🎓

Interviewer: I see that you also offer Spiritual Life Coaching? How does that work and how does that fit in with all the other services you offer?

Me: Our experiences in life affect us on all levels ~ mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Physical problems may manifest due to imbalances in the other areas.

Many are seeking to reconnect with their spiritual selves, to develop their own 'gifts' at this time and many are just plain realising how much we've disconnected with our true connection with God/Source/Creator or whatever other title you may choose to use.

Spiritual Life Coaching is to assist another in their search to know their truest self, and to discover the true nature of consciousness, the meaning of life and to achieve a state of peace within. Coaching can assist others in reachig their full potential.

Coaching is empowering another, supporting, encouraging a person to explore, learn and heal. It's never about taking control or making someone do someone they do not wish to. Someone may decide to come for coaching in order to heal, be it past lives, poor relationships or to achieve a particular goal, to gain confidence, to shift a negative mindset. Coaching can empower and free a person from their own self-limitation and patterns of behaviour.

Sorry, I am being wordy here, and I guess it's my passion for the subject that makes me so.

The other services I offer fit in easily, seamlessly, for the energy of those modalities can assist the client in reaching inwards, of releasing, of healing, of realisations. For instance a card reading may bring through aspects of what is affecting the client. Crystals may be used to heighten self-awareness, of a deeper connection with self.

Energy healing may come in too, and this is a lovely way to end a session. The work a client has to do isn't always easy for them and sometimes it is just simply nice to offer them something that will help further and that is really enjoyable. I believe that the modalities help with the coaching aspect but also on the spiritual, mental, emotional and yes, perhaps physical levels and just as importantly, reinforces the feeling for the client, that they are truly supported on this particular leg of their path.

If you look at the picture below, it will show a few reasons why someone may come for coaching and of how I can help.

 Interviewer: So, what's next? Any more studies? What are the next moves for you?

Me: As far as I'm aware (and I'm sure my Guides will correct me, *laughs*) there will be no more studying for now. For now, it is on with building on what I have, of strengthening my business, my work and forging ahead with the final writings and editings for my first book of poetry ~ and of course, to carry on blogging. That sounds like a corny film 'Carry On Blogging'.   📽🎞  Perhaps that should be Keep Calm and Carry on Blogging. I'll be as busy as ever I do know that. My work though is a labour of love and I love every minute! It beats a 9 - 5. I am blessed.

Interviewer: Thank you for answering my questions and I hope to speak with you again soon.

Me: Thank you 💗

I hope you understand now a little bit more about me and what I do. Is there something you'd like to know more about? Any questions? Just ask! Until next time.....💗💗💗

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