Thursday, 10 May 2018

Sweet Lily of May

For those of you reading this with a birthday this month, you may already know what your birth flower is. If not, then I am happy to tell you that it is the beautiful Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis).

For some reason I'd always thought, or had been told, that this month's birth flower was the celandine and I've questioned this when that particular flower starts to bloom much earlier. My higher self must have known 🙂

Writing about daisies for April has started a thing for birth flowers and also germinated the start of another book. Anyway, back to the Lily of the Valley. I made the May link because I decided to check as my better half has his birthday in this month. I had to smile too at the realisation that Lily of the Valley would've been my beloved Nan's birth flower too, and, better still, her name was Lily.

I have written a small poem but it was for my man so it won't be shared although one shall be penned in time. Instead, I share a small painting with you.

I feel that this flower is one that you either love or hate (if that's not too strong a word). It is without doubt fragrantly sweet and has been used in religious ceremonies, perfumes and is a popular garden plant. It is also mentioned in the Bible.

It can be know as the May Lily too and it's meaning it 'return to happiness' and as I read that a realisation struck me and here is why! Many years ago now, I was working as a then known, nursing auxiliary in a geriatric hospital. It happened that on a particular ward I would smell Lily of the Valley very strongly whenever somebody was about to pass. Nothing odd in that you may think. Elderly folk die all the time. Strange then that it happened more often when no imminent deaths were expected. The Ward Sister asked me one day why I was sniffing the air and I explained to her. My tale bore out, she never made comment. Likely she thought me a little odd. So what I hear you ask. The meaning 'return to happiness' ~ that is what passing is ~ returning home, back to where we came from. Back to happiness.

Lily of the Valley also symbolises chastity, humility and purity ~ this I associate (with my colour therapist hat on) with the colour white.

So, love it or hate it ~ there is much about this humble little flower. I have changed my mind about it! Will you?

Next up is June, but before that particular blog I now have news to share with you.
Whilst happily tapping away at my book and blogs I've been working to attain a diploma in Spiritual Life Coaching. This is something I felt guided to and really this came through when doing Angel card readings for people, for I often get asked for advice and help on a spiritual level, so it kind of made sense. Anyway ~  ta da... I did it!!

So work is in hand to put together some packages and taster sessions and I'll be posting more about Coaching in due course. Much of what I already offer will be incorporated into coaching sessions as each works together perfectly!

I'm happy to announce to that I am opening a UK based online store with NuMonday and I will share that once it is up and running. In the meantime I remain with Etsy and of course my own website where PayPal payments are now fully available alongside phone payments that are processed by Square.

Enough now of all things material. Off into the garden to find a space for some Lily of the Valley!!   

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