Monday, 4 June 2018

Sweet Rose of June


Sweet rose of June so gentle and sweet,
Look into it's heart, tap into your senses, what will you meet?
A sweet perfume, a message maybe?
Go ahead, look, what do you feel, what do you see?

Let the scent of the rose surround you now,
Let it guide you, let it show you how
To connect with the purest of unconditional love.
That love also connected with Heaven above.

For Mother Mary, the Lady of the Rose
Into this flower her love flows.
Allow yourself this time to receive and to just be
In her presence, and you may see

Hear or feel her gentle embrace, her love so deep
Which will fill you with happiness and it may make you weep
As she heals you, tends you and fills you with love and peace
So beautiful your connection, you'll not want it to cease

But, know that you may call upon her at any time, night or day,
Call and she will be on her way
To comfort, to hold you in her arms of love.
Connect with the rose or, call out to Heaven above.  

Copyright ©Elaine Jeyes 2018

 The beautiful rose iis of course, the birth flower for June and who could not love a rose?

As you've likely gathered from the poem, the rose is a sacred flower. One could argue that they all are of course and I'd definitely subscribe to that train of thought.

Growing roses dates back for thousands of years. There are even paintings in some of the tombs from Ancient Egyptian times dating back to 14c B.C. How amazing is that! They were used too, as an offering to the Goddess Isis.

There are absolutely loads of stories, myths and legends connected with the rose and one that really tickled me was this....
Poor Cupid was stung by a bee and in his shock he accidently shot one of his arrows into a rose garden and that is why the rose has thorns!

The rose also is a symbol or sign of God's work, as the rose shows he is always actively present in creation. The rose reveals so many layers as it goes from bud to full bloom, just as layers of spirituality and wisdom may unfold into your life, if you let it.

Often people not the sweet scent of the rose when connecting with the angelic realm, which really is not so unusual or strange given that the rose vibrates at a high, powerful energetic frequency, just as the angels do!

Again, as you may gather from the poem, the rose is connect with Mother Mary. Indeed many imagges depict her with a pink rose on each of her feet. Roses have shown up in visions and miracles attributed to Mother Mary. I like to think the pink roses relate to unconditional love, of which Mother Mary surrounds us with. Roses are perfect beauty, unsullied and it is said were created for the Garden of Eden. There is too, of course, the prayer of the Rosary linked with Catholicism and there are similarities in other religions too, such as Christian Orthodox where ropes are knotted at the end of each prayer and also in Hinduism, where monks use stringed beads in order to keep track of prayer.

There are so many visions and miracles and also symbolism attributed to this flower. How much is truth? How much is hearsay? What do you think?

I now put on my colour therapy hat for don't roses just about come in every colour you can think of so here is a little colour symbolism (and this is how I got into colour therapy) for you.

The white rose ~ pure and holy.
Red Roses for love, passion and sacrifice.
The yellow rose for wisdom and joy and of course,
The pink rose for peace, gratitude and unconditional love.
The Victorians of course, really tapped into the hidden meaning of flowers and it seems, it has stood the test of time.

For now, I leave you with the symbols of the red and pink roses ~ sending energetic waves of of peace, love and gratitude for you who take time to read this blog ~ I thank you. 💕


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