Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Holly in July?

This might seem like a strange thing to speak of in July as for many of us holly is associated with Christmas, or a least the winter season. Of course holly is around all year round but really impacts most when it's sporting it bright red berries.

So, why holly in July. Well, holly is a plant of healing and also it relates to those born between 8th July and 4th August and what is know as the 8th lunar month. So, if your birth dates falls between these dates ~ this is your tree!It is also one of the trees or plants that form part of the tree Ogham but, I'll write about Ogham seperately. This is something I'm learning more of as I tap into a druidic past life. Much more to learn and so I will fill you in at a later date.

The holly is believed to be protective, a bringer of luck and may be used to bring about psychic enhancement through dreams.

Now, I did mention that is is a healing plant but beware that it can be poisonous! It's known to be used to alleviates urinary tract infections, fevers, coughs and colds and is also diuretic (ok if you don't mind a few extra trips to the bathroom). It may also benefit those suffering from gout, arthritis and rheutism. The leaves can be used to make tea ~ the berries are poisonous. I won't give any recipe for this tea as I'm not as yet, qualified to do so.

The holly too, is also a spiritual tree and classed a noble tree of the woods. It has many connecions and stories attached to it, linked with various gods. Most of us know it of course as the one we take into the house at Christmas as decoration. I wonder though? Do you take it down before 12th night? I know I do. Holly is also associated with Lammas or Lughnasad which is a festival celebrated by some between 1st to the 15th August, or, when the first grain ripens.

If you are growing your own fruit and vegetables or are involved in any creative project then use the green summer berries of the holly at Lammas for protection.

So, holly is a prickly one yes, but also very useful and I think very beautiful. Whether it is dark green glossy leaves or the variegated types they're all lovely. Writing this reminds me to see if there are yet any berries on the holly in my own garden.....I have lots of creative projects on the go and Lammas is just around the corner!! I must make haste... Until next time.....  Here's one of my little doodles 🌲

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