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Lady-like Larkspur

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Wow, that pop of blue! So cool, so elegant is this flower and the flower is for those with a birthday in this month of July. I call Larkspur lady-like becuse of it's tall elegance and also because it hold feminine energy and also resonates with Venus and the element of Water ~ Perfect! For Cancer is a water birth sign.

The flower has various names such as knight's spur or lark's toe to name a couple and it also gets called Delphinium, although the flower is different.

I mention the blue in the photo but, Larkspur also comes in shades of pink, white and purple too and it is a bit of a showstopper when planted towards the back of a traditional cottage garden border. The meaning attached to Larkspur is that of purity of heart, gaiety and levity. When the flower is pink it relates to fickleness, in white, joyful and happy-go-lucky and in purple it speaks of a sweet disposition. If you're reading this and your birthday is this month, just have a think! Which colour is it that sings out to you? What message does Larkspur have for you at this time?  

I said about planting in a cottage garden border but of course you can plant it wherever you choose (so long as the plant likes it, and, it is easy to grow) and it is a lovely one for attracting the butterflies and bees, so what better excuse do you need? Particularly at the present time when these beautiful beings of nature need our help.

On a different level, that of healing, the Larkspur can be used to treat wounds, haemorrhoids and colic, although a note of caution here ~ it should not be used internally due to it's toxicity level and, it can give those with a sensitive skin a dermatitis type rash! The flower has also been used in the treatment of scorpion stings. The tale goes that if Larkspur is placed in the path of a scorpion, that it will freeze on the spot until the blooms are moved!!

Larkspur is a flower of protection, either worn, planted or placed in the home or by hanging in bunches (dried or fresh).

There are too, biblical references to the flowers ~

"Flowers of the field." ~ Isaiah 40:6

"The voice of one saying, Cry. And one said, what shall I cry? All flesh is grass, and all the goodliness thereof is as the flower of the field." ~ James 1:9-10

In writing this particular series it reminds me of how special the world of plants is and how connected we are to them. Plants are not only healing, they also contain messages of guidance. You may find yourself drawn to particular flowers at a given time, and this is no coincidence. Stop awhile today, look at and smell the flowers and allow yourself to feel their energy and if you're gifted, you may even see their energy.

Flower readings are a lovely way to receive insights and guidance and I love to do flower readings, be it actual flowers or through pictures of them. Have I piqued your interest? If you'd like a flower reading ~ let me know. There isn't currently a tab on the website for these readings as shortly there will be refresh as much has evolved over recent months. Message me if you'd like more details at ~

Next up is August and Gladioli. Watch this space.... Until then, enjoy the blooms of summer 💖🎕🥀

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